This website is operated by Jerry Musgrove. A native of Colorado, Jerry participates in all the sports he likes to photograph. In addition to, Jerry holds the position of Art Manager for a Denver-based sportswear manufacturer. As you might imagine, this full-time job can be very demanding of time and energy... please be patient, updates to will occur mostly on nights and weekends, and it may take several days for new photos to be posted.

Working as a photographer for more than ten years, Jerry has captured memories for skiers and snowboarders, rafters and kayakers, base-jumpers, and rock climbers in Colorado and across the United States. A former employer referred to Jerry as "the king of manual focus." A former teacher attributed his success as a photographer to the physical 'advantage' of having vision in only one eye. Although he has moved onto a different career in recent years, photography has persisted as one of Jerry's main hobbies. offers people the opportunity to share memories of their active lifestyles with friends and family. If you have been photographed by Jerry, please consider purchasing a print or digital image to support the upkeep of this website.